October 21, 2014

Stitching in colour: A beautiful clutch

While I have been neglecting this blog, I still got some projects done. After my trial run here, I made another clutch. This was a present for a friend who was head over heels with the fabric and begged me to make something out of it for her.

I can't blame her, it is beautiful!

Such a perfect colour combination! I could stare at it for hours.

By changing the interfusing, this clutch was not as bulky as my first attempt. Lesson well learned! This made attaching the inner pockets to the sides much easier, too.

For the interior fabrics, I dug through my stash and found a few that complimented the outside well. I never knew I had that much turquoise fabric lying around.

This present has long been given to my friend who proclaimed her undying love for this clutch. I agree with her! If not for the colours not suiting my wardrobe at all, I might have kept it for myself.

October 20, 2014

Out of hiatus

Sometimes I want to be online, sometimes I don't. Over the last year, the latter was true. Now I'm back.

June 25, 2014

Stitching in colour: A POTC a month - conclusion

This swap year has been fun and it was nice to see other people's colour choices put into 24 pieces of fabric. The work needed for one POTC isn't much. The more you make, the easier it gets, too. I still don't like the basting part, probably never will.

This is a picture of all the POTC I have received during the year:

PRETTY! I'm thinking white to combine them. But I'm nowhere close to working on them further, I have to make more POTC myself first.

June 20, 2014

Stitching in colour: A POTC a month (May + June)

The last two POTC were made for the same person, so the colour scheme is the same.

May/June: Gray + Orange

They look a bit like positive and negative print of the same photo.

April 30, 2014

Stitching in colour: A POTC a month (April)

April: Blue + Green

This one is my favourite of all the POTC I've made for this swap year. It's simply perfect.

March 20, 2014

Stitching in colour: A POTC a month (March)

March: Purple + Yellow

I love the complementary colour choice! This POTC is really intense.

February 20, 2014

Stitching in colour: A POTC a month (February)

February: Purple

I have a wide range of purple fabrics, so this was fun to do. Looking at it, I think I should have picked that colour scheme, too.

January 20, 2014

Stitching in colour: A POTC a month (January)

January: Red + White, plus small black patterns

This red and white one worked out much better than the November one!